Home Generators

BLACKBELT A/C & ELECTRIC installs emergency generator power for your home.

We work with you on deciding which generator system is best suited for your home.

We install major manufacturers of generators including Generac, Eaton and Kohler. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right generator for your home. Call Blackbelt A/C & Electric today to start your generator project for your home.



A field survey is conducted to study your existing electrical service and ideal placement for your generator.

Commencement & Installation

After you have approved our quote, we begin the permitting process and submit documentation to your local utility company when necessary. Materials and equipment are ordered and installed on-site. Coordination between contractors is conducted to complete your generator project.


Upon completion, we complete the process with commissioning the generator and provide a final approval its use for power outages and emergency use.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your standby generator installation.

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Blackbelt AC & Electric has been serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas since 2006 for everything HVAC and Electrical. You can count on us to install your standby generator with top-quality service.

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