Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

BLACKBELT A/C & ELECTRIC installs Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger stations for your home & business.
We install all manufacturers including: Tesla, Chargepoint, Leviton, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

Electric Vehicle Car Charger Installation

EV charging stations are dependent upon the type of vehicle and the miles per day the vehicle drives. We install your electric vehicle charger to meet your preference and adhere to strict electrical codes to ensure your home is safe when charging your electric vehicle.

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Level 1

- 110v / Slower Charge
- Standardized connector.
- At home using a normal wall outlet; cable included with car.
- Slow charge rate; 3-5 miles per hour.
- Useful for drivers traveling 40 miles or less daily,
- Level 2 preferred if available.

Level 2

- 240v / Faster Charge
- Standardized connector.
- At home using a dedicated charging station.
- Medium charge rate; 15-30 miles per hour.
- Useful for drivers traveling 100+ miles daily.

DC fast charging

- Three connector types; CCS, CHAdeMO, Tesla.
- Just off the highway using dedicated high power stations.
- Fast charge rate; 150-400 miles per hour.
- Useful for long distance driving 300+ miles daily.

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